Our Residential Program

The First Step

Addictions cause chaos in the abuser’s lives and most often even basic daily responsibilities are ignored. Supporting everything that happens at Edgehill are the time-honored principles of 12-step recovery programs.

These first days, clean and sober, are critical. The transition from the additive lifestyle to the more tranquil recovery way is difficult. During this transition residents need to learn to take responsibility and make productive use of their time. Their day needs structure. Thus Edgehill residents follow a schedule. Included in a day‘s activities are:

  • Relapse prevention
  • 12-step recovery program meetings
  • Discussions with other residents
  • Consultations with staff members
  • Films and related educational activities
  • Talks and study groups led by person in recovery
  • Time for personal care and work
  • Meditation

Residents are responsible for such personal chores as cleaning their rooms and doing their laundry. These responsibilities point the way out of the quagmire of living in addictions throes and toward a more stable recovery way of life.

Download a copy of the Daily Schedule

In order to help make your stay more comfortable, we have developed a list of items we suggest you bring with you during your stay.

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The Next Step

When residents leave Edgehill they are equipped with the basic tools for achieving a life of abstinence from alcohol and drugs. They will have the knowledge about their disease. They will realize that there is no cure for alcoholism or drug addiction, but they will know how to keep their condition in remission.

Away from Edgehill‘s protective walls residents need help. We make sure they know members of the recovery community who will be mentors, friends, and helping guides. We put them in touch with unique, caring network of recovering people.

Edgehill‘s staff is well aware that alcoholism and drug addictions devastate families. We invite families for scheduled visits with residents and gladly consult with them. We make families aware of education and self-help groups designed for them, as well as make referrals for other types of assistance.


Edgehill Recovery Retreat Center provides a residential, non-medical setting for those suffering from the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction.

Through an intensive self-development program, we give our guests the opportunity to feel the experience, strength, and hope of recovering alcoholics and addicts. We enhance the Edgehill experience by making outside referrals as necessary to provide a continuum of care.

Edgehill Retreat Center considers alcoholism and drug addiction a progressive illness that affects the victim and their loved ones – – spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. People who are affected with this disease tend to accommodate and reinforce this illness. The heart of self-development retreat is that the Edgehill experience will help arrest this maladjustive lifestyle.

Edgehill‘s program is based on the philosophy of a 12-step program such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. However, we are not a AA or NA group. We place the responsibility for recovery with the residents rather than with our staff. The experience is structured through hope, sharing, trust, self-examination, honesty, decision-making, and perhaps the most important a commitment to a clean and sober way of life.

The door at Edgehill is always open to anyone wanting to take a first step towards a new beginning.